Are you looking for an artist or a band to perform for your programme and you have no clue how to reach them? Or are you confused how to find a rocking performer for your show ? Keep your worries aside. With the database of artists, performance bands, dancers, photographers, technicians, musicians, stylists and what not related to art, Kalakaars could easily help.

Is it not an artist or performer you are in search of? Instead are trying to learn an art and you have not found an institution or a trainer yet ? You are at the right place again. Kalakaars can help you in that case too. Alongside the list of artists and performers, we also have a big database of institutions that teach art with and also professional freelancers who can train you on an art.

Imagine you host an event, be it your college fest, kid’s birthday party, wedding or a DJ night and you need the right artist or you would like to learn kathak or any other dance form or photography or any other art, but you are not sure about which institutions provide you the training.
Find the perfect artists and performers for your event or the right institution for you to learn art, by viewing their exclusive art portfolios, using the elastic search, category wise and location wise filter options that Kalakaars provide.
Once you fix your performer, instantly send basic details of your event to the artist, and you will have the response directly to your Kalakaar inbox. Kalakaar only lists background checked, verified artist accounts for you.
Being a freelance dance teacher , it was difficult for me to find students. Kalakaars have helped me a lot regarding this.


Dancer , Bangalore

The platform had given me oppertunity to work with great musicians which helped me to gain great exposure.

Rinoy Balan

Guitarist , Mumbai